Sanitation is conducted by Superior Sanitation. If you need immediate assistance please call 423-887-5769.  

 All garbage should be placed out by at least 7:00am on your scheduled service day. We recommend placing your garbage out the night before your scheduled service day at least for customers serviced in the morning hours.

Sanitation Route

Residential Collection is as follows:

Monday: 9th Street-16th Street from Louisiana Ave-Tennessee Ave; Includes Circle Drive and the Brookhill Area.

Tuesday: 5th Street - 8th Street from Ohio Avenue - West City Limits; Includes Mountain View Estates, Mountain View Hill, and Amanda's Trail.

Wednesday: Pennsylvania Ave, Toomey Street, Hill Street, Athens Pike, Williams Street - 4th Street from Tennessee Ave - West City Limits, includes Hillside Manor, Tatum Street, Kimbrough Street at the end of Tatum Street, and Crows Nest Subdivision.

Thursday: Seven Cedars Subdivision, Athens Pike from Highway 30 - Martin Lane, Grady Road, Cardin Street, Kimbrough Street, Gentry Street, Hoffman Avenue, Blair Hill, Etowah Heights to include Kellar Court, Wilkins Court, Lawrence Street from Athens Pike - Highway 30, Harren Place, North Washington, and Hillcrest Circle.

Commercial Collection:

All commercial customers will be collected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, if needed, except for  those needing collection each day of the week.

Holiday Sanitation Schedule

Holidays will not affect trash pickup. The only time this will be affected is when Christmas is on a Monday-Thursday.