Recycling Center

Recycling Center


Public Works Convenience Center

This is a service for City of Etowah residents only. The department offers others means of disposal for construction and demolition materials for contractors and landlords. Please see the Mobile Sanitation Trailer Policy for information on disposal of construction and demolition material. The convenience center has an employee available to help with your experience at the center.

Location:  108 Sunrise Lane

                   Etowah, TN 37331 

Hours of Operation: 

 Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 3:30 pm 

 Saturday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm     

Recycle center open

Convenience Center Rules and Regulations:

  • Customers must provide proof of Etowah Residency
  • All materials will be put into proper containers. See center employee with questions.
  • No construction, demolition, or remolding material
  • No used auto parts
  • No dirt, gravel or fill material
  • Leaves, grass clippings and small brush must be baged
  • Customers will not be allowed to take any material from containers on the grounds
  • Materials inside the facility are considered property of the City of Etowah
  • City equipment is to be operated by city of Etowah employees only
  • Customers are not allowed outside the fenced area of the Convenience Center without being accompanied by a City of Etowah employee


Any customer that knowingly breaks the above rules and regulations or the directives given by the center employee can be fined in accordance with the City of Etowah code and charter.

Services Offered:

Electronics: A small bin is located just inside the gate of the convenience center where electronics can be dropped off for collection. Printers, monitors, televisions, computers, and many other electronic devices can be placed in the bin. The items are collected by a local vendor and used as parts for emergency radio’s, while other parts are recycled.

Scrap Metal: A large metal container is located in the northwest corner of the center for the collection of all types of scrap metal. See the center employee for help with placing objects inside the large container.

Used Paint: Latex based paints are accepted and stored separately. Latex paints are reused and/or dried out for disposal. Oil based paints are stored in a weather proof area until the Hazardous Material Collection in October. Please ensure lids are secured tightly on the cans and the cans are placed upright inside the bin.

Refuse: A refuse dumpster is located at the convenience center to collect excess household refuse. The materials to be placed in this dumpster must comply with sanitation codes that governor residential and commercial sanitation collection.

Furniture and Household Items: A 15 yard container is located at the convenience center for collection of furniture and certain household items. Please see attendant with questions about material placement into these containers.

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