Chew Chew Park - Etowah Dog Park

Welcome to the Etowah Chew Chew Park! 

There is a large dog side and a small dog side to choose from.

Please be mindful of your dog’s behavior towards others. We hope everyone has a great time!

*Reminder: You are no longer required to have dogs registered but they must have proof of their rabies tags with them while at the park.

Any issues please contact our office during business hours. Any immediate issues contact the Police Department at 423-263-7088.


Any animal control issue will be handled by the Etowah Police Department

Non-emergency dispatch: 423-263-7088

Animal Control: 423-263-8857

Etowah Police Department: 423-263-5851

In the event of an emergency (ie aggressive dog, dog attack that requires medical attention, etc.) please call 911.